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About Us

Quality with a personal touch

Vanguard Custom Homes is the ultimate marriage of technology and craftsmanship, born out of a desire to build amazing houses that are unique and special to the families that call them home. From start to finish, I use the latest available tools and technology and work with local contractors/suppliers to strengthen our community.

My vision is to build functional and efficient homes, one-at-a-time, while partnering closely with you. I'll start with clear, up-front, no-risk discussions while designing digital plans and 3-D renderings before moving into a streamlined build process that culminates with you moving in on time and on budget.

Why Vanguard

Why choose us?

I’ve been building amazing things and managing large scale projects from right here in Wichita Falls for the last two decades.


I have established relationships with trusted subcontractors that strive for innovation and quality at a fair price. My goal is to provide you the best home for years to come!

Attention to detail

A stitch in time saves nine, and a critical eye applied early and often can save considerable time and money by the end of the project. I'm on site at every stage of the process to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Honest & dependable

From start to finish, I'll make sure the entire process of building your home is fully transparent and nothing will happen without your approval. If you need information, advice, or ever have a question before, during, or after your build, I'm only ever a text message away!


Energy efficiency isn't an optional feature -- its a necessity, both for you and our environment. This is and North Texas. Your home needs to provide you reliable and affordable energy in spite of our extreme weather conditions and our ever-increasing technological demands.

Safety by choice

Whether your home is in the city or out in the country, it will be built according to the strictest codes of compliance so that the construction process and the completed home are safe, sound, and secure.

Stay on schedule

Building a home can be stressful enough, why allow delays and schedule changes to unnecessarily complicate the process even further? I'll work with you and the vendors, subcontractors, and city/county/state officials to ensure your move-in date stays on schedule!

Our Pricing

Honest and Flexible

I understand staying within your budget is the key to building a home in which you can truly be comfortable living. And just like every home isn't one-size-fits-all, neither is our pricing. Every home is unique based upon its parameters and its future residents and our flexible payment options are just as unique.

Ready to start building your dream house?